All the news about the weekly podcast “Energy of Trance” hosted by DJ BastiQ

  • EoTrance #88 – Again and Again and Again

    One of the comments on Mixcloud, Energy of Trance Episode 88, is: Another incredible mix! Great job (again and again and again!) Awesome! Thanks Richard_V on Mixcloud!

  • EoTrance #87 – World Charts

    Energy of Trance Episode 87 is doing great in the Mixcloud World Charts. This show was 6th in the global psytrance chart, 9th in the global uplifting trance chart, 11th in the global […]

  • EoTrance #86 – Great Comments

    Here a small selection of comments on Mixcloud for radio show: Energy of Trance Episode 86. It is precisely for these kinds of nice comments that I make my weekly […]

  • EoTrance #85 – Too long in between ;-)

    Every week I got several great comments on my radio show. This comment on Energy of Trance Episode 85 I would like to share, because it makes me smile: davnjay1 […]

  • EoTrance #84 – Reload the Energy!

    Energy of Trance has been removed from various streaming platforms in the last weeks. It took a lot of energy to rebuild this. But this week I can focus all […]

  • EoTrance #83 – Kicked of Spotify again

    Energy of Trance was recreated as a podcast on Spotify after it was removed a few weeks ago.The second time, “Energy of Trance”, hosted by DJ BastiQ has only been […]

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

Hosted by DJ BastiQ

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