All the news about the weekly podcast “Energy of Trance” hosted by DJ BastiQ

  • PARTY TIME => EoTrance #100 – LIVE STREAM

    On August 4, 2020 between 21:00 and 22:00 CEST, Episode 100 of “Energy of Trance” was broadcasted on Mixcloud LIVE. It was a huge success! The recording of the Live […]

  • EoTrance #97 – 70 favorites

    Energy of Trance – Episode 97 did it great on Mixcloud! This show got 70 favorites and 41 times reposted. Thank you for all the support! Chart positions This show […]

  • EoTrance #96 – double 3rd

    On Mixcloud, “Energy of Trance” episode 96, hosted by BastiQ hits 2 times the third place in the global charts. This show was 3rd in the global psytrance chart, 3rd in the […]

  • EoTrance #95 – Sensastional

    Episode 95 is the warming up for episode 100! Energy of Trance got beyond great support on Mixcloud! The WORLD chartpositions on Mixcloud: This show was 4th in the global psytrance […]

  • EoTrance #94 – Fantastic

    Awesome support for Energy of Trance, episode 94 on Mixcloud! This show was 5th in the global psytrance chart, 11th in the global vocal trance chart, 12th in the global uplifting trance chart, 20th […]

  • EoTrance on Trance Passion Radio (USA)

    Trance Passion Radio from San Francisco (USA) is a WEB Radio dedicated to Trance music. With Trance DJ´s selected for the whole world, broadcasting quality sets 24h / day. You […]

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

Hosted by DJ BastiQ

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