All the news about the weekly podcast “Energy of Trance” hosted by DJ BastiQ

  • EoTrance #74: 22 awesome comments

    Energy of Trance, episode 74 got 22 comments, 33 reposts and 54 favorites in the first week on Mixcloud. This show was 5th in the global uplifting trance chart, 6th in the […]

  • EoTrance #73: 40th in the Global Trance Chart

    Energy of Trance -episode 73- hosted by DJ BastiQ, had awesome global chart rankings in the global Mixcloud charts. This show was 5th in the global psytrance chart, 11th in the global […]

  • EoTrance #72: 5th in World Psytrance Chart

    Energy of Trance, hosted by DJ BastiQ, had great positions in different global charts of Mixcloud. Also a lot of favorites, positive comments and reposts. This show was 5th in the […]

  • EoTrance #71: Awesome review from Shift6

    Shift6 wrote the following comment (Energy of Trance – episode 71) on Mixcloud: Awesome show, had to listen to this twice it was that good, amazing tracks this week BastiQ!!The […]

  • EoTrance #70: 22 Awesome comments and 64 favorites

    Christmas is over and the number of visitors is rising again! Energy of Trance, episode 70 is going like a rocket on Mixcloud! This show was 9th in the global uplifting […]

  • EoTrance #69: 52x favorites

    Kardé said on Nice set 😎 good to hear some proper trance tunes since a while And more than 10 other great comments! Energy of Trance, episode 69 was […]

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