All the news about the weekly podcast “Energy of Trance” hosted by DJ BastiQ

  • EoTrance Episode #150 on July 13, 2021

    Announcement: It’s time for the NEXT level! The radio program “Energy of Trance” with video! Tune in, watch, listen and celebrate together with us Episode 150 with a live stream […]

  • Episode #141 – Less than 10 episodes

    Energy of Trance, episode 150 will be the next level “Energy of Trance” show by BastiQ! Behind the scenes, the EoT team is working hard to make this possible!

  • We Get Lifted Radio

    From now on, “Energy of Trance” hosted by BastiQ, will be broadcast weekly by the United Kingdom based station: We Get Lifted Radio. Below the current broadcast time: 16:00 – […]

  • Episode #139 – Over 30 awesome reviews in first week

    “Energy of Trance” episode 139 got more than 30 awesome reviews / comments on Mixcloud. Radio host BastiQ is truly trilt about all the comments! Thank You!

  • Episode #138 – Over 1700 plays in first week

    Episode 138 (Energy of Trance, hosted by BastiQ) has been played 1,510 times on and 215 times on This is a growth of 50% compared to the previous […]

  • Episode #137 – #1 in Genre Trance

    Energy of Trance, episode 137, hosted by BastiQ got with over 800 plays in the first week, again the first place on HearThis in the genre Trance! EoTrance is very […]

  • Episode #136 – Awesome review

    Episode 136 of “Energy of Trance” hosted by BastiQ got an awesome review on Mixcloud from davnjay1! For all people who listen “Energy of Trance”, hereby the disclaimer: Listening to […]

  • Episode #135 – #1 on Trance chart on HearThis

    Energy of Trance, episode 135, hosted by BastiQ reached the first place in the global Trance chart on! Almost 800 plays on in the first week. Thanks for […]

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

Hosted by DJ BastiQ

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