All the news about the weekly podcast “Energy of Trance” hosted by DJ BastiQ

  • EoTrance #69: 52x favorites

    Kard√© said on Nice set ūüėé good to hear some proper trance tunes since a while And more than 10 other great comments! Energy of Trance, episode 69 was […]

  • EoTrance #68: Marked 61 times as favorite on Mixcloud!

    Energy of Trance episode 68 did it awesome on Mixcloud! 16 Times a great comment, 34 times reposted and marked 61 times as favorite! On Mixcloud this show was 6th in the […]

  • EoTrance #67 in 5 Global Charts

    Energy of Trance – Episode 67 – has reached 5 times a Global Chart on Mixcloud. It is always a honor to be in the general world wide Top 100 […]

  • EoTrance #66: Great Mixcloud Chart Positions

    Energy of Trance, Episode 66 did it awesome on Mixcloud! 5 Times a rank in the top 50 in GLOBAL charts! Even 46th position in the really big Mixcloud Trance […]

  • EoTrance #65 … some reviews …

    Here are some reviews of Energy of Trance Episode 65: Impressive as always my friend – Wilson Wednesday has become a big party with this podcast! Again great mixing […]

  • EoTrance is growing Fast

    Energy of Trance is growing fast! Not only on Mixcloud (Episode #64: 200 plays in the first week), but also on Spotify the weekly radio show – hosted by DJ […]

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Hosted by DJ BastiQ

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