Awesome reviews on EoTrance #166

Energy of Trance gets every week lots of awesome reviews. Most of them are in English, but sometimes it is in my language Dutch. I selected this week a comment of drBeers, because I really love this comment:

drBeers on Mixcloud:
“Gave Mix Bastiaan..! Goeie dynamiek en de Trance blijft zeker in ontwikkeling dankzij jou bijdrage(s) 😉 Bedankt voor je Energy update en maak er weer wat moois van Trance-Ambassador !”


“Cool Mix Bastiaan..! Good dynamics and the Trance will certainly continue to develop thanks to your contribution(s) 😉 Thank you for your Energy update and make it something beautiful again Trance-Ambassador !”

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

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