Episode #136 – Awesome review

Episode 136 of “Energy of Trance” hosted by BastiQ got an awesome review on Mixcloud from davnjay1!

For all people who listen “Energy of Trance”, hereby the disclaimer: Listening to Energy of Trance in the car can result in speeding fines! So be very careful and keep to the speed limit! If you want to move on the energy of the beats, do not hurt yourself or other people! And keep in mind, your speakers can break! But the neighbors are offcource allowed to listen and dance on “Energy of Trance” with you through the walls 😉


BastiQ,, you need to stop producing so many sets that are fire!!!! Or at least have a disclaimer stating that the next hour will induce such foot stomping, head bobbing and muscle spasms that you might hurt yourself, wreck your car or burn your speakers up, because these tunes are FIRE

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

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