EoTrance #71 – Energy of Trance – hosted by DJ BastiQ

Playing tracks

  1. Nifra, Fisherman – The New Breed [Airwalk Festival 2019 Anthem] (Extended Mix)
  2. Cosmic Gate – Spectrum (Album Mix)
  3. Christina Novelli – Beautiful Life (Extended Mix)
  4. Shogun – Legend (Original Mix)
  5. Protoculture – Pale Blue Dot (Extended Mix)
  6. Thomas Ulstrup – Resurrection (Extended Mix)
  7. Daxson – Sonder (Extended Mix)
  8. Ciro Visone, Frank Watson – Definitions (Original Mix)
  9. Allen Watts – GDL (Extended Mix)
  10. RAM presents RAW – Something Else (Extended Mix)
  11. Neelix – Bang Bang (Extended Mix)
  12. E-Clip – Decipher (Arhetip Remix)
  13. Sonic Entity – Manitou (Original Mix)
  14. Robert Nickson, Re:Locate – Maya (Original Mix)
  15. Liquid Soul – Cydonia (E-Clip Remix)
  16. Berg – See It Coming (Extended Mix)
  17. Terra – Kundalini (Original Mix)
  18. Astrix – Sahara (Original Mix)

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Host DJ BastiQ

Hosted by DJ BastiQ

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