EoTrance #15 – Energy of Trance – hosted by DJ BastiQ

Playing tracks

  1. Faruk Sabanci – Roots (Extended Mix)
  2. Andrew Rayel, Graham Bell – Tambores (Extended Mix)
  3. Attila Syah, Boris Foong – Falcon (Extended Mix)
  4. Christian Burns, Andrew Rayel- Miracles feat. Christian Burns (Alex Ender Extended Remix)
  5. DIM3NSION – Mangata (Original Mix)
  6. Artento Divini, Ankit Sharda – Bengaluru feat. Ankit Sharda (Extended Mix)
  7. Indecent Noise, Eddie Bitar – Echoes (Original Mix)
  8. DRYM – Voodoo (Extended Mix)
  9. Infected Mushroom, Warriors – Becoming Insane (Remix) (Extended Remix)
  10. Phanatic – Out Of Body Experience (Original Mix)
  11. Systembreaker – Sleep Paralysis (Extended Mix)
  12. Tristan, Avalon, Vini Vici – Colors (Original Mix)
  13. Standerwick – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Extended Mix)
  14. Royal Flush – Definition of Insanity (Orpheus Remix)
  15. Illumination, Skizologic – Granular Reality (Original Mix)
  16. Astrix – Incoming (ShiBass Remix)

Host of EoTrance: BastiQ

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